Company RavArt
off-stage maskertheater
Company RavArt
– off-stage maskertheater –

Tom, Tom & Tom turn being older into a blessing. The three elderly men are still too young to give up, and instead celebrate life together. Energetic and full of creative inspiration, the triplet move through the audience that starts to follow from scène to scène. The three old men turn squares into a yoga class, crawl in lampposts, find themselves in (im)possible positions and interact with the bystanders in full improvisation. And the good news: the audience may join in!

Our show Tom, Tom & Tom is a stop & go performance in which we perform three elderly characters and create scenes on the spot. We do this in interaction with the audience and what can be found on the spot. We then move on, often followed by the audience, and build a new or follow-up scene at the next stop. In our performance, we mirror the idiosyncrasies of human behavior and capture them in scenes that are both moving and absurd and will absolutely make you smile and marvel.

Practical information

  • Length of performance: 3 x 30 min. or 2 x 45 min. (within 4 hours)
  • Actors: 3
  • Max. distance: 750m (within 30 min.)
  • Price: on request, ask for our special price for multiple day festivals
For more information or bookings you can contact us:

Compagnie RavArt
Femke Ravensbergen

or contact our booking agent Entr'act