Tom, Tom & the Bombardon

Tom and Tom are old. In fact, they are so old, they don’t even know themselves how old exactly they are. Equipped with a mighty tuba, a bombardon with a musical box inside, the twins stroll up and down the streets…

They play their songs for the old and the young, for pretty ladies, scallywags and whoever might want to hear them. And don’t be surprised if they ask you for a dance!”

Tom, Tom & de Bombardon is a mobile street performance. In 2014 the act made its debut in the Netherlands and Belgium and instantly won the 3rd price at the international street theatre festival in Meppel (NL).

Tom, Tom & Tom – Celebrating life

Ever imagined what it is like to be old? Ever imagined what would happen if your mind would stay young? What if that’s actually true? The elderly triplet Tom, Tom & Tom decided it wasn’t time to step of the scene yet and celebrate life to the fullest, despite of their age. Or rather thánks to their age.

The elderly triplet Tom, Tom & Tom celebrate life. Energetic and full of creative inspiration, the triplet move through the audience. They turn squares into a yoga class, crawl in lampposts, find themselves in (im)possible positions and interact with the bystanders in full improvisation.

Company RavArt

“Ravart performs it’s theatrical acts off-stage, because we believe that theatre isn’t something that happens inside four walls, on a stage, far from the audience. Between the people on the street is where it happens.

Given the ingredients for our improvisations by the audience itself, we turn everyday life into theatre. For the audience, and wíth the audience.”

Contact information

For bookings and inquiries mail to

International bookings can also be made via agency ENTR’ACT.

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Practical information

  • Length of performance: 3 x 30 min. or 2 x 45 min. (within 4 hours)
  • Actors: 2 (Tom, Tom & de Bombardon), 3 (Tom, Tom & Tom)
  • Max. distance: 750m (within 30 min.)
  • Price: on request